Financial payment plans and assistance are discussed after we have successfully received and reviewed applications. I do however ask you to be mindful of your financial situation--there are months ahead of the upcoming teams and saving a little every week can go far (ditch the starbucks and chipotle and you'll be filling your piggy bank in no time). 


Also, we do provide applicants who inquire about financial assistance with a template donation letter that we require them to send to family, friends, etc to help support their service trip. After that, we discuss financial aid and possible scholarship. We do not turn anyone away because of finance, we just ask that individuals be mindful that "our financial aid is need-based and that every dollar given to our collegiate teams is a dollar that could be given to the vulnerable, exploited, at-risk children of Kids Alive Org."  


Download our Sample Fundraising Letters (1), (2), (3)