Here For Kids International (HFK) is a certified non-profit that was founded in 2010 in the San Francisco Bay Area. HFK partners with international relief organizations to send collegiate students abroad to serve at-risk children through sports ministry and other team projects; including tutoring, arts & crafts, nutrition & health, personal & spiritual development. 

Here For Kids International is a ministry that emerged out of a love for sports and the need for child development and recreation. In 2003, President and Founder Randy Farris was invited by Kids Alive National Directors to run soccer camps in Dominican Republic for at-risk children. After a few years, the seed that had been planted grew from a single coach’s personal experience to a non-profit that now reaches a multitude of mostly collegiate athletes. Children love sports and games. College students love children. A natural relationship and expression of love blossoms when the two meet. Since 2010, Here For Kids has sent hundreds of students overseas from dozens of university campuses. Over the years, the non-profit has grown and will continue to grow by God’s grace. 


Our Mission

To educate the general public regarding the benefits of serving those who are disadvantaged and to provide spiritual guidance and charitable assistance to impoverished and at-risk children and youth.

Our vision

We envision a world full of hope, health and happiness, wherein all children are fed, clothed and lead lives of dignity and high moral character.  Moreover, we desire a global population of both children and adults committed to a spiritually-centered Christian foundation who recognize the joy of service, and who are dedicated to establishing and maintaining a world where there is no disadvantaged child, no child in need and no child living without hope.

”They have so little, yet they love so much.”


It is truly through our service that we meaningfully engage others. We believe that the formation of intergenerational, cultural and socioeconomic relationships build bridges of unity and bring greater understanding of our responsibility and roles within our global community. It is when we enter into relationships all over the world that we realize that we are a part of a much greater narrative; we have much to learn and much to share. 

Sport is a universal language that teaches the importance of leading lives of high moral character. It shows us the necessity for, and enhancing qualities of team participation. We believe that sport is a platform to share in the love of Christ and incorporate identity-defining teaching into the everyday moments and activities of life.

“I thought I was taking God to them, He was already there.”


We considered life a blessing, and we are all blessed to be a blessing. Giving back is the heart of service. HFK remains rooted in the vision of "teaching the eternal joy of service."  Since 2011, we have:

  • Sent more than 60 teams, amounting to over  800 students from universities all across the country, served  in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Peru.
  • Recruited our first High School Service team Summer of 2016 served in Lima and Andahuaylas, Peru.
  • Developed a curriculum that focuses on Student Leadership in the categories of identity, love language, spiritual gifts, story and call.  
  • Sent our "Leadership Development"  Team to serve in Costa Rica  at Campamento Roblealto.
  • Sent our first team to Haiti Summer of 2017.