Aqui Para Niños

Aqui Para Niños Quarterly Newsletter & Note From Our Director

We are excited to share with you our first ever issue of Here For Kids News "Informe Aqui Para Niños"(attached below). God has been good to our ministry and we would like to shine some light on that. We hope that each issue of our Quarterly Newsletter brings joy to you! We will be including information about our returning/departing/upcoming teams, fundraisers, testimonies, prayer requests and more.


A Note from HFK Director, Stephanie, to everyone who served this HereForKids 2015-2016 year: 

"I would like to thank each and every one of you, for your heart to serve. It was a pleasure meeting many of the teams. Meeting all of you makes the office work more enjoyable--can't blame me for wanting to spend more of my time in the field. It has been a huge blessing to be a part of HFK, a growing and changing ministry who has given me great memories, lessons, love, joy, hope and friends. I wish I could hear from each of you about what your trip meant. I ask that you try to put into words your experience and share them with us, your family and friends, and even strangers at coffee shops because there's incredible heart that transcends when you share such experience(s). 

I leave you with this, may you remember that the same full heart you left your service trip with is the same one you wake with each and every day.

Hope that you each continue to serve wherever He may call you.

With love,

Stephanie Romo"