Team Cal Baptist

Constanza, Dominican Republic

Another update from our Constanza team!

May 12th, 2016

Hello Friends and Family!
As our final week is coming to an end, we cannot all help but to feel a little sad to be leaving all of these amazing kids. Most of this week was spent at the arc and school, teaching P.E. doing construction work, and lots of time loving on the kids. There has been lots of tag, hand games, and new hair styles were all of the girls are going to come home with a little less hair (ouch). 
On Tuesday we had the opportunity to visit a public school nearby to play them in a volleyball match, both the girls and the boys had the chance to play. The game was super fun, and the school treated us so well, serving us lunch, singing Justin Bieber, and have high hopes to continue the relationship formed with Kids Alive in the future. 
Thursday the basketball team wants a re-match because they are not used to losing. Also on Thursday and Friday our team gets to put on OANSA, which is a program similar to AWANAS in the states.
Friday is our last day at the Arc with the kids, to celebrate we are having a softball game together, as well as a bonfire to say our final goodbyes. 
As our trip is ending please pray that the Lord will continue to move in relationships that have been formed, that Kids Alive will continue to get sponsorships for the kids so more kids are able to be taken out of their difficult situations. As well as safe travels for our trip home.
It seems crazy that our time here is almost over, but the whole experience has been incredible, and we are looking forward to a couple more great days. Cannot wait to see you all. Love and miss you!

Cal Baptist Team