High School Team Day 5

Andahuaylas, Peru

June 19, 2016   Father’s Day Blog: 

In the morning, we visited the market place. We were torn that we could only bring 2 of the 9 kids from Casa Hogar, Angel and Javier. These boys would be the joy to our first farmer’s market experience in Andahuaylas. They pulled our hands/guided us through the chaos of the busy Sunday market in all directions, showing us all of their favorite stands—fresh fruit, candy, shaved ice, fried treats and more. We bought them just about anything they wanted to taste because we knew this was only a treat they’d get with our team. Little kids spent their day alongside their merchant parents, helping sell goods, just innocent bystanders to the chaos. We passed by pig heads, bags of guinea pigs, boxes of chickens, dozens of different potatoes. On the same tarp as fresh vegetables were being sold, a piglet was being bottle fed, which quickly caught our attention. The stand was being kept by a mother and grandmother holding her infant granddaughter. We all smiled at one another and watched as the piglet finished it’s bottle of milk, then asking Angel to translate for us if we could get the piglet more milk, as the family only spoke Quechua, the language of the aboriginals. We gave them a few soles (Perú currency) and all wished each other a great day. That was just one of the memorable moments we take from our farmers’ market experience, and we can’t wait to go back later this week! 


In the evening, we went to a “Día Especial para los Padres” service in which we got to see the kids of Casa Hogar sing a song to all of the fathers of the church. It was a very touching moment for all of us to see them, again, showing their love and appreciation for the men shaping each of their lives. 


We all appreciate our fathers today and are very thankful for their presence in our lives and the love they provide. We love you dads! Happy Father’s Day! Sending you all our love and a big hug from Perú. 

With love,

HFK Andahuaylas Service Team