Financing Your Service Trip

Finances and Fundraising

Since 2011, Here for Kids has taken hundreds of students abroad.  We  have learned that financing  your HFK trip can be an exciting and an amazingly spiritual experience in and of itself.  Sharing your passion to serve some of the most forgotten children in the world can inspire your friends and family. You can then invite them to partner with you by supporting you financially and through prayer.

HFK is committed to supporting you as you learn how to share the joy of serving with others. In doing so, you will likely gain financial support at the same time.   Are you ready to start?  Read on!

Trip Cost & General Information

Total trip cost for the Dominican Republic: $ 2, 050

Total trip cost for Haiti: $ 2, 050

Total trip cost for Perú: $ 2, 500

Where does the money go? 

Approximately 50% of the money directly supports the children of the ministry, providing them food, housing and an excellent education. The other 50% is for airline tickets, ground transportation, room and board during the trip.

Help Grow the Community of Givers 

We encourage you to “leave no stone unturned” in your search for potential financial partners for your trip. We have found that sometimes the people you least expect will surprise you by desiring to participate with you. You may even spark someone to consider doing more in the future. They may become a sponsor for one of the children, they may go on a future trip, or they may begin serving in their own community.

Personal Fundraising

As an organization, we would not be able to serve and support our international partners if it were not for the generous gifts of donors. Our donor community is deeply impacted by our story, and the stories of those who choose to serve with us. Your story will be told through the Kindful platform. Kindful provides a convenient and user-friendy financial and fundraising experience for our team and our participants. You can track your trip payments at any time and share your secure personal fundraising page with loved ones to give them the opportunity to provide their support. 

where your support will come from

Personal fundraising is a chance for you not only to raise financial support from friends, family, teachers, coaches, etc., but also to invite individuals to journey with you as you prepare to serve with HFK. In essence, as you share your Kindful Fundraising Profile you are establishing your supporting community. There are many ways we have seen our HFK family fundraise. Ideas range from personal letters, to car washes, and bake sales. We have even had one gal knit headbands and sell them. Creativity is key, and motivation to share is crucial. We are here to help along the way.

For more information about personal fundraising ideas, please email us at . The link below is a preview of how you will set up your Kindful Profile for Payments and Fundraising. 

Need-Based Grant


Each year of its operation, Here For Kids has experienced incredible growth.  The momentum is powerful.  Participants end up wanting to share their experience with all of their friends resulting in more and more Here For Kids teams serving each year.


Thankfully, Here For Kids has been able to help our partner organizations with specific projects and we have stepped in to help underfunded children in the schools and orphanages that have so much need.   For example, we have provided a lit soccer field in Andahuaylas, Peru; more than 55 tons of clothing, sports supplies and educational materials, school uniforms and playground equipment just to name a few.   

SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?                      

Because we are growing so fast coupled with the fact that we have limited resources and have a commitment to support needy children around the world, we find that our resources are being stretched thin.  That said, it does take the hands and feet of our volunteers to put these good works in motion.  


On occasion, after having exhausted all other means of financial support, a deserving applicant may still find themselves facing a financial gap.  It is the goal of Here for Kids to never deny a person from joining a life-changing trip like HFK offers purely due to their financial situation.  We will do our best to support every qualified applicant who wants to come serve with us by first guiding them through their support raising program (KINDFUL) and then allowing them to apply for direct financial support from Here For Kids. If you feel this is your case, you can apply for a Here For Kids “Need Based Grant” by clicking on the button below.